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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

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Hidden Worlds Of Warcraft
8:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

While many players have scoured every inch of the lands available in World of Warcraft they might be surprised to learn what lurks beneath the digital surface of their favorite MMORPG. With "the right tools and a little curiosity" 1UP.com examined the forbidden zones contained within the game's client. While it is uncertain whether these currently unused portions of the game are remnants of abandoned ideas or a taste of things to come, 1UP.com explores the areas and lets the readers make their own decision.

In the story of WoW, the Emerald Dream is an ever-changing spirit world, tied to the World Tree by Ysera the Dreamer. The Night Elf druids were bound here as part of their pact, and their spirits wandered the dream for centuries while they slept.

Another one of the more unfinished areas, the Emerald Dream is clearly far from complete, but is home to some fascinating models. Jade dream-catcher like artifacts are scattered around the landscape, as well as statue of a not at all jolly looking green giant.

For the full article and a handful of screenshots follow the link below.

1UP.com: Hidden Worlds Of Warcraft
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