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Friday, September 30, 2005

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Cyan Worlds Back in Business?
6:00 AM | Anthony Wang | 30 comments

Earlier this month, IMG reported that Cyan Worlds had laid off nearly all of their employees and was barely afloat. In a new turn of events, Dean Takahashi of San Jose Mercury News is reporting in his blog that he received an e-mail from Rand Miller stating that nearly all of the former employees have been hired back and there was a revival of the company behind the acclaimed Myst saga.

I was about to prepare the company's obituary. But Cyan isn't dead yet. I sent an e-mail off to Rand and he answered, "We've had a reprieve. Managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat (that I can't give details about yet), so we rehired almost everybody. Crazy industry. It's giving me whiplash!"
Almost everyone believed Cyan Worlds was closing and it was the end of one of the greatest game developers ever. With this new report just unfolding, check back with IMG with further news regarding this shocking turnaround. Please follow the links below to read the entire article and to learn more information.

Cyan Worlds Still Alive?
Myst V: End of Ages
Buy Myst V: End of Ages

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