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Monday, October 16, 2000
'Ernesto' To Debut Nov. 1
3:30 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Mac developer Cortic Software is set to release their first game project this November, an overhead 2D shooter with multiplayer network play and many special effects. No mere Asteroids clone, Ernesto promises to feature superior graphics and sound as well as network games of 'nearly limitless' size. Here are excerpts from Cortic's press release:

Today, Cortic
Software announces Ernesto, a shareware game that redefines
two-dimensional gaming. Ernesto is an overhead view
perspective, sci-fi action game that takes place in an
asteroid sector full of enemies.

With a wide variety of weapons and ships, Ernesto offers
gamers playing alone endless action. Ernesto features
enough missions and variety to have a high replay value.
Players have the ability to choose among over 8 ships while
blasting enemies with weapons such as missiles, space mines,
ion cannons and laser bolts. Each ship in the game features
its own unique statistics, and players can obtain powerups
during play to further their preferred battle strategy.

The first game to be offered to the public by Cortic
Software, Ernesto features over ten-minutes of high-quality
128-kbps music, along with the option of adding additional
MP3s of the player's choice, numerous high-fidelity sound
effects, crisp pre-rendered 2D graphics, that include
transparency effects and over 4 unique graphic layers, and
intelligent enemies.

But the real draw of the game is the multiplayer feature,
which separates it from all other games that could be
considered a part of this genre. Ernesto allows players to
compete over a LAN or the Internet through TCP/IP and
AppleTalk, in nearly limitlessly sized competitions. Cortic
will be hosting a 24-hour 7-days-a-week free server for
players to participate on, but registering gamers will be
able to run their own servers.

The Cortic web page has Ernesto screen shots, movies and trailers for download. Be sure and visit for more details, and watch for this one November 1st.

Cortic Web Site
Ernesto Web Site

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