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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Apple Posts Game Building Tools Feature
9:33 AM | Eddie Park | 4 comments

Aspiring indie game developers may be interested in a recent feature by Apple, which focuses on game building tools. Covered in the feature are four of the most well-known tools for the Mac, including Sawblade Software's Power Game Factory, OverTheEdge's Unity, GarageGames' Torque Engine series, and Phelios' PTK.

Power Game Factory slants towards the non-programming crowd, allowing users to create 2D side scrollers with a mix and match interface. Unity, used to create the title GooBall, features a full-on production environment that allows users to test their games on the fly. PTK, used by Phelios to make a variety of titles, offers a 2D engine that caters to OpenGL-accelerated hardware. The Torque Engine, responsible for titles such as Dark Horizons: Lore and Marble Blast, is known for its flexibility when dealing with multiple platforms.

Just as iMovie and Final Cut Pro brought movie creation to the masses, so have four tools enabled anyone with a vision to create their own video games: Sawblade Software’s Power Game Factory, GarageGames’ 2D and 3D Torque Engines, OverTheEdge’s Unity and Phelios’ PTK. As the budgets for large-scale, complex games reach multi-million dollar levels, those four tools are enabling an indie revolution akin to the film one raging outside the Hollywood mainstream.
The article features quotes from the various developers of the tools, links to each, and access to some titles that have been developed using each tool.

Apple - Game Building Tools
Sawblade Software
Unity Technologies

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