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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Age of Darkness - Official Site Launched
9:21 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Game-Arena Entertainment has launched their official site for Age of Darkness. An MMORPG-in-development that makes use of the Torque 3D Engine, AoD is currently planned for Mac, PC, and Linux platforms.

The new site includes a list of game features, an FAQ, developer logs, and various early development screenshots. Updates and new features have been promised on a weekly basis, slated for every Friday.

Besides the usual MMORPG trimmings, AoD plans on implementing an unusual death penalty scheme:

When you create your character you will be prompted as to whether you want he/she to be a 'Normal Character (NC)', or a 'Hardcore Character (HC)'. Should you chose to create a HC, you will enjoy several added perks such as extra skills and attributes, a slightly higher Exprience Point rate, the ability to command cities and tax inhabitants, the right to lead player guilds, and more. The downside is, if you are killed in combat, there is no coming back; your corpse can be completely looted and you will find yourself back at square one (in other words, 'Perma-death').
Those who opt for NC play will only suffer experience penalties and the loss of a random item, but will also find themselves generally outmatched in single combat versus an HC player.

AoD will be a free download that will include Ashbrook Prime, and carry a $10 a month playing fee. The current release date is set for the second quarter of 2006.

Age of Darkness

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