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Friday, August 19, 2005
BlizzCon Goodies Revealed
9:34 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Attendees of the upcoming BlizzCon event will receive a little something extra as thanks for taking part. Blizzard has put together a goodies bag with swag from each of their popular game series.

Here are a couple of items in the loot Blizzard will be handing out:

World of Warcraft In-Game Pet

What’s round and rainbow-colored, with big eyes, fingers, and toes, and goes, "Grrrrmalrrrrgrrahhhh"? Your very own baby murloc pet, that’s what! Each BlizzCon attendee will receive a souvenir gift card with a unique code on it. This code can be used in-game to hatch a slimy cute little murloc pet that only an owner could love. Just what Azeroth needs…more murlocs!

Beta-Test Access Code

In addition to making you the proud owner of a bouncing baby murloc, the souvenir gift card you receive will also contain an access code for an upcoming Blizzard beta test. Once you receive the card, you’ll be able to visit a Blizzard Web site, enter the code, and sign up to be contacted when the upcoming beta test is ready for you to join. While beta tests give us a chance to fine-tune our work, they also provide the unique opportunity of allowing participants to try out and give feedback on a Blizzard title before it becomes available to the general public.

Other items include a Blizzard themed deck of playing cards, a t-shirt, and a Starcraft or Diablo bracelet. BlizzCon will take place on October 28 and October 29 in Anaheim, California. Tickets are available for $120. For more information about the goodies and BlizzCon itself follow the links below.

BlizzCon Goodies
Blizzard Entertainment

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