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Thursday, August 18, 2005

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Battleground Europe Q&A
8:58 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Game Chronicles recently conducted an interview with Sebastien Pacetti, the International Product Manager for the upcoming Battleground Europe. The next installment for World War II Online, the game will involve thousands of players carrying out battles in what is described as a "relentless, action packed 3D environment."

Here's a sample of the interview:

One of the most amazing things about this game is that there is really something for everybody in it. If you're into FPS style games, you can play as infantry, if you’re into flight sims and you want to fly a plane, you can do that, if you want to sail the open seas, that's available as well. And all those aspects interact with each other to make for a very dynamic environment, giving the players the feeling that they are really taking part in an all out war. How many players is this single server game going to support at any given time? In other words, how many players are you expecting to be playing this game at once, upon final release?

Sebastien Pacetti :
Right now we are confident that our servers can handle 10,000 simultaneous players in the same arena, they can all interact with each others. It isn’t a hard limit because we use a Cluster technology that allow us to add more clusters to handle more players. We will run a Stress Test the 25th of August, we welcome everyone to test it with us. Feel free to check our website www.battleground-europe.com for more details.

Is there anything about WWII Online that you would like readers to know about that I did not cover?

Sebastien Pacetti :
Yes, Battleground Europe also includes some outstanding features like Realistic Ballistics and Damage Models. The vehicles for example don’t have a Hit point system but a real detailed damage model. Firing 30 times with a small caliber on a tank front armor won’t do anything at all. You have to know the tanks weak points to have a chance to disable it. Know you enemy if you want to survive is the key.

If you use a rifle you must know that your bullets will start dropping after 400/500meters so you need to adjust your aim according to the distance, the speed of your target and the direction, in BE you can see vehicles miles away ! and you can shoot them that far ! Unlike most other games there is no weird “fog” around you, and your shell/bullets won’t “ disappear/drop 200m away. In Battleground Europe it is more realistic and also more deadly!

For more information check out the links below. Battleground Europe is currently available for preorder for $29.95 and is scheduled for release on August 26.

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