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Monday, October 16, 2000
Tactical Ops Beta 1.5 Released
6:00 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Tactical Ops, an extremely popular modification for Unreal Tournament, has been updated to Beta 1.5. This mod has been compared to the Counterstrike modification for Half-Life, and rightfully so, as the mod is improving with each update. This release marks the debut of a skeletal animation system, which brings much more fluid animation than seen in preview versions. Also included are two new models, custom skins for Special Forces and Terrorists, and several new maps. Here is a short list of changes that have been made to the weapons:

  • New Weapon: Steyr Aug - Scope Included

  • M4 Colt Carbine removed (Old hands and old model)

  • Weapons tweaked (less recoil, effective range, more/less damage)

  • New weapon sounds

  • Grenade velocity increased.

  • Knife becomes the professional weapon! Blood covers the knife blade, use Altfire to clean it. Firemode key allows to switch between stab and throw mode. You need to buy more knives to throw them. If you're standing really close BEHIND an enemy (stab mode) you will cut his head off (and killing him).
  • Many more changes have been made to the gameplay and maps, in addition to the usual bug fixes. For those of you interested in a complete list, visit the link below.

    Tactical Ops is available in two formats: a zipped UMOD (59 MB) or as two seperate non-UMOD packages (System Files-16 MB, TacOps Maps-43 MB).

    Download Tactical Ops Beta 1.5 (59 MB)
    Changes in TacOps Beta 1.5

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