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Monday, August 8, 2005

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Mythic Blades Reviewed At Worthplaying.com
7:56 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The PC version of Mythic Blades, a 3D real time fighting game from Vermillion Entertainment and Cartel Games, has been reviewed on Worthplaying.com. Blades allows players to take the role of a Greek hero or monster of legend to determine whether Ares or Zeus will rule Olympus. Players will be able to choose from such mythological notables as Jason, Perseus, Odysseus and Medusa.

The stages showcase Greek architecture in all of its rough-textured glory. Of course, then there's the changing weather on a few stages, which show off some lens-flare and light bloom that show promise.

The characters all animate the same, save for the final boss, the Hydra. They're fluid and there are only a few clipping problems, and those only show themselves when fighting the Hydra. One of the more subtle touches is how as the characters get damaged, they start to get pretty bloodied up, so at a glance, it's usually easy to tell whether or not the fight's going your way.

As reported earlier in the year on IMG, Cartel Games is currently working on an OS X version of the game. It is expected to be released sometime this fall. Check out the links below for the rest of the review and more information about the game.

Mythic Blades
Worthplaying: Mythic Blades Review

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