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Friday, October 13, 2000

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More DS9 Details
2:15 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

As we await the anticipated release of this Trek-themed third-person title, many more reports on the game's features and gameplay are beginning to surface. A PC beta version Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen has reached several news sites, and provided them a detailed look at the game in action.

PCIGN has updated their preview of this Simon and Schuster title with more comments after playing much of the way through the beta version. While they allege this third-person camera view game should have been called "Trek Raider," they mean this in the most complimentary sense, praising the title for its adventure-style elements that set it apart from the overcrowded 'shooter' genre. According to their report the game offers a high level of interactivity and puzzle-solving as well as combat, and there is minimal travel back and forth so you don't have to repeatedly cross the large levels again and again just to solve a simple "find the switch" objective. Much praise is also given to the new animation and aiming features added to the base Unreal engine.

Here's an excerpt which details the third-person perspective of the game:

But I have to say that The Fallen takes the strengths of third-person gaming and runs with them. First and foremost is the sense of character that grows out of the game. Being able to see your character (or at least their back) reinforces the sense that this is a DS9 game. It also makes the game play out more like a TV show where you’re watching the characters from above rather than looking through their eyes. Third-person gaming also allows for a more refined interaction with the environment. Negotiating obstacles is a little easier because you can see exactly where your feet are.
Several weapons allow you to switch temporarily to a first-person view for aiming, as is shown in the screen shot.

For more details, screen shots and movie downloads, read the rest of the preview. Watch IMG for details on the Mac OS beta of this game; the final version is due in late October/early November for a simultaneous Mac/PC release.

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DS9: The Fallen
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