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Friday, August 5, 2005
Hellgate: London Roundtable Chat Log Posted
9:05 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Hellgate Guru has posted a chat log of an August 4th discussion between fansite operators and Flagship Studios' Bill Roper and Bob Moseley. The free flowing discussion reveals a few tidbits about the multiplayer options in Hellgate: London and a variety of other things including trading, auctions, and the different styles of play gamers enjoy.

[Bill Roper] Unfortunately there will always be min/max players who find the fastest way to "just level" and for them, that is the fun in it. We are going to be working on a lot of things for players to do that is much more fun, and potentially more rewarding, than mere rushing.

[Bill Roper] Exploration is something that a certain type of player enjoys the most, and for those people, weíll make sure they are rewarded. We are looking at doing things with our layouts that we havenít done before, such as adding the rarity element into the dynamic level generation.

[Bill Roper] This means that players will be encouraged to explore all of an area because there may be something there Ė and by that we mean links to an additional area, or finding small gameplay elements that donít appear every time. Hopefully having these types of things will allow people who enjoy exploration to get something special for their interest.
For the entire log head on over to Hellgate Guru. To learn more about Flagship Studios and Hellgate try the links below.

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