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Thursday, August 4, 2005
Interview With American McGee On Bad Day LA
10:33 AM | Anthony Wang | 1 comment

Gamecloud has posted an interview with American McGee on his upcoming game, Bad Day LA(Bad Day Los Angelos). Bad Day LA is humorous action game. The interview discusses his move to Hong Kong, the storyline, missions, combat system, and gameplay to name a few.

Gamecloud - What can you tell us about the storyline for the game?

American McGee - It is intended to a be a comedy action in the spirit of a disaster spoof. Imagine what the Wayans brothers did to the horror genre with "Scary Movie" and you'll get a pretty good idea of where Bad Day LA is going. Actually, in terms of films, the concept of the disaster spoof was first explored with the "Airplane!" series of films, which themselves where inspired by more serious disaster genre films like "Airport".

Our main character in Bad Day LA is a driving force behind a lot of the humor. He is an irreverent and reluctant hero with more lust for hot shorties than care for saving people. His character arc takes him from reclusive homeless person who wants only to be left alone and cares only for himself to learning a lesson about helping others in order to help himself. Ultimately, this is a hero story... but with a very unconventional hero.

The story is built around a single day in which every possible disaster strikes the city of Los Angeles. As the citizens of LA try to escape our hero works to manage the chaos around him and find an escape for himself and some characters that he befriends. All of this is wrapped in a thick coat of satire that deals with everything from social class issues to racism, sexism, war, and other topics in a very adult comedy type way.

You've probably heard the name American McGee before, but don't remember where. Well, it is from his first game, American McGee's Alice, which was released for the Mac a few years ago. However, no word yet on any plans for Bad Day LA to come to the Mac.

To read the entire interview or to learn more information, follow the links below.

Gamecloud: Interview with American McGee
Bad Day LA

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