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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

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Apple Unveils the Mighty Mouse
8:08 AM | Blake Buck | 43 comments

Today, Apple unveiled in the first time in its history a two-button mouse called the Mighty Mouse. The sleek new mouse features up to four programmable buttons, as well as a scroll ball to allow for seamless verticle and horizontal scrolling. Apple also touts that the mouse will be fully integrated with Tiger and will allow for the mapping many customized actions, such as Dashboard or Expose. The Apple Mighty Mouse features:

Touch-sensitive top shell
360-degree clickable Scroll Ball
Force-sensing side buttons
Optical tracking
Beyond the release of a new mouse, this could have a larger impact on all Mac applications (especially games), as a two button mouse could soon become the standard.

The Apple Mighty Mouse is available from the Online Apple Store for $49. To visit the store, or Apple's website, click the links below.

Apple Website - Mighty Mouse
Apple Store

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Archives  News  Apple Unveils the Mighty Mouse