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Friday, October 13, 2000
realMYST Test released, PC Only
6:00 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

Late Thursday Cyan Interactive and The Adrenaline Vault posted a test version of Cyan's upcoming realMYST , a full-3D replica of the original blockbuster adventure game. Unfortunately Cyan only released the PC version, even though the game is also destined for the Mac platform. We have contacted Cyan about a Mac version of the test, and currently await a reply. However, this is a common sitution and should not be a cause for worry; many titles in the past have had PC-only public test versions (such as Diablo II), primarily because the Mac version requires less hardware testing.

Even if you can't enjoy the test version, the download page has some very interesting comments by artist Steve Ogden. Here is an excerpt:

"The differences between the Stoneship Age in the original Myst and realMYST are as varied and pronounced as the difference between looking at postcards from a place and actually going there in person. In the original Myst, you were only permitted certain views of the age, frozen in space and time. In realMYST, you can walk around and look pretty much wherever you want to, whenever you want to. In the original Stoneship, the weather and time of day never changed. In realMYST's Stoneship, the weather and time of day are continuously changing. In the original, hardly anything moved. In realMYST, just about everything moves. In realMYST, Stoneship is alive. "
realMYST is currently set to envelop Mac and PC gamers in the MYST world sometime this fall. Mattel will be the publisher, and despite the lack of a Mac test version, a simultaneous release is expected.

realMYST Test at Adrenaline Vault

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Archives  News  realMYST Test released, PC Only