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Monday, August 1, 2005
America's Army Interview
10:08 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GameDailybiz recently interviewed Major Christopher Chambers, Deputy Project Director for America's Army, about the success of America's Army as a game and as a recruitment tool. Celebrating its 3rd year this July, the game has become quite popular, boasting over 5 million registered users with over 100,000 more added every day.

GameDAILY BIZ: Now that America's Army is celebrating its third anniversary, how would you say the brand has evolved over the years?

Major Chris Chambers: America's Army has earned its place as one of the U.S. Army's most recognized and meaningful brands. In fact, the brand became so powerful that 29% of young people in the U.S. not only recognize the brand, but claim that the America's Army game is their primary source of information about the Army. Overall penetration of the brand is deep across most demographics, bringing the Army's message to millions of households.
Major Chambers also discussed the Army's plans for future expansion of the brand including a console version of America's Army and a new program titled Real Heroes.
This year we are also looking to launch the America's Army Real Hero program. This program uses the powerful reach of America's Army brand to create a close-up look at the lives of heroic Soldiers from the Global War on Terror. We are featuring these Real Heroes as action figures, as well as in our game, and on special features on our website.

Other brand expansions in the works include bringing America's Army to other platforms and the development of TV, film, and music products, and more extensive merchandise offerings.
On the topic of recruitment, Major Chambers said the game is meant only as a first step in giving out information and not as a tool for bringing in recruits.
Since our game is played anonymously, we do not know how many of our players have gone on to join the Army. However, we are certain that we are inspiring and providing information through the game to a growing number of young people who might not have received it otherwise. Survey results find America's Army to be the Army's most effective sponsorship effort for reaching young Americans. Twenty-nine percent of young Americans ages 16 to 24 reported that the America's Army game is one of their leading sources of positive awareness about the Army.

Recruiters report that the game is a valuable communications tool in connecting with young Americans. It has become a great "ice breaker" to start up conversations with young people. Many recruiters are using the popularity and exploratory value of the game to create their own local recruiting events - essentially LAN parties.
For the entire interview head on over to GameDailybiz. To download America's Army go to

GameDailybiz: Interview
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