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Thursday, October 12, 2000

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Dragon's Lair 3D Details
12:32 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

One of this Winter's 'sleeper' hits for the Mac platform is Blue Byte's Dragon's Lair 3D, a full-3D replica of the arcade classic of almost twenty years ago. The original game was the first to use an interactive LaserDisc player as its medium, becoming the only game to feature full-screen high-quality cel animation at the time that Centipede was considered state of the art.

Checkout.com has posted an interview with Steve Parsons, president of Dragonstone (the company developing this title for Blue Byte). In this in-depth discussion of the game and its features, we learn that not only is this game a detailed replica of the arcade game -- complete with sound samples and textures taken from the original game animation -- but it will also have two modes of play. The 'arcade' style of play will work much like the original did: you will have up to four choices in dangerous situations, and only one of the three will save you. The second mode will be more interesting to 'hardcore' gamers:

How will Dragon's Lair 3Ds gameplay appeal both to fans of the original
and people used to the more interactive state of today's videogames?

The gameplay in Dragon's Lair 3D is addressed to a wide range of gamers:
both the original fans and today's gamers. Dragon's Lair 3D is actually
two games in the same box. Both use the original look and feel of the cartoon-based
Dragon's Lair, but it will be using Dragonstone's third-person perspective
3D engine. This 3D engine will project a fully 3D toon-based Dirk the Daring in
the foreground for the player to control throughout his adventure.

The first, easier, mode will have the same five controls as the original game.
It will allow the player to control a pre-scripted Dirk the Daring with the
same reactions as the original 2D game. Dirk will get into a fix by himself
or with the help of the player; the game will then pause and give a decision
indication to the player; and then the player will have only a single chance
to either save Dirk, get him killed or put him into another problem situation
in his quest to save Daphne.

Dragon's Lair 3D's second, harder game will allow the player to directly
control Dirk as precisely as they like in the search to rescue Daphne. These
more advanced controls will allow the player to act as Dirk as he explores the
entire castle, collects treasures, and battles the old favorite monsters as
well as a gang of new critters. The game's control system will be similar to the
latest versions of Tomb Raider or Zelda for example, but the overall
atmosphere and gameplay will be faithful to the original.

The interview also drops the hint that a 3D version of Space Ace, another arcade game from the creators of the coin-op Dragon's Lair, may be in the works as well.

Dragonstone's new 3D engine powering the game has a unique 'toon' shader which will render the 3D characters as flat-shaded cartoon-like artwork in real-time, an effect which has to be seen in motion to be fully appreciated. Make sure you check out the game's official web site as well, as it has a fresh crop of truly gorgeous screen shots. This game will be available for Mac and PC early next year, published by Blue Byte.

Checkout.com Interviews Steve Parsons of Dragonstone
Dragon's Lair 3D Web Site
Blue Byte

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