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Thursday, October 12, 2000
Low-End Mac Gaming
9:56 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Low End Mac, a web site dedicated to owners of old computers, have posted a new article discussing gaming in particular. They contacted various developers such as Ambrosia and A-Sharp LLC to ask them about gaming on lower-end computers and why they support them. Their article provides help on setting up your Mac for gaming, but also lists games you will find enjoyable regardless of your hardware. Here's a snip:

Ambrosia also places a fairly high priority on supporting older systems. As Welch says, "We try pretty hard to make sure that our games are well-optimized and run on lower-end machines. What takes up most of the processing power in games these days is the eye candy. Nothing wrong with candy, it's tasty, but it isn't everything. I'm a firm believer that what makes a game fun is separate from what makes it visually interesting. It is like looks and personality -- there is the initial attraction, and then there is what keeps you interested."
If you check certain web sites you will find tons of fun games to play that won't break your old Mac in two; MacGameFiles is a great place to start. Be sure and read the rest of the article for more details.

Low End Mac
Low End Mac Gaming

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