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Thursday, October 12, 2000
Platform-Independent Cipher Unveiled
10:08 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

In an interview over at Daily Radar, Synaptic Soup talks more about the upcoming game development engine, Cipher. The engine will have, much to Mac Gamers' delight, integrated Mac OS support as well as support for Linux and several set-top boxes. Here is an excerpt:

Daily Radar: What systems will Cipher support?

Rik Heywood: We have not announced specific console platforms yet, but we are working closely with all the major console manufacturers to make Cipher compatible with them. In addition to the consoles we will be supporting Windows 95, Windows 98, NT4, Windows 2000, Macs and Linux (for server and network support).

The Cipher engine will also include the source code, allowing individual designers to customize the code to include new technologies as well as updates to current technologies. Cipher will also decrease the development time necessary to make a port possible, bringing games made with this engine across the chip/OS barrier faster.
DR: What other benefits does Cipher bring to the developer, besides being able to port easily between systems?

RH: The most obvious advantage is that it gives the developer a huge head start. On day one of developing with Cipher, you will have the technology to deliver powerful shader-driven graphics, 3D audio processing, full multiplayer support, tools to export models and animations from 3D Studio Max, international font and text handling, compressed pak file support, a powerful virtual machine to run your game scripts on and the full source code for all of it. If you started from scratch it might take you a year to reach that point, assuming you had the in-house team that could do it.

technology will allow for simultaneous release without having to development
entirely separate processes for porting the game across the OS/Processor
barrier. Wonderful news indeed! Read on for more details.

New Cross-Platform Engine Announced
Daily Radar interview

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