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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Battlefield 1942 Patch to be Released Thursday
11:10 AM | Blake Buck | Comment on this story

Today Aspyr Media announced it will be releasing a major patch to their popular game, Battlefield 1942. For those new to the game, Battlefield 1942 is a online first person shooter set in WWII with support for up to 64 players simultaniously.

The patch brings the current version to 1.6.1 Rev D, and addresses the problem of running mods such as Desert Combat Final and Galactic Combat. The patch also brings built-in support for Gameranger for finding Mac-specific multiplayer games.

This patch is great news for the Battlefield modding community, as now many more mods will be coming to the Mac. Macologist recently posted an article about the patch as well, detailing how the mod problem was fixed.

"Tim Fuller, Aspyr's new guy, took the code, analysed it and after a week or so informed us of his break through. The Mac Battlefield 1942 application was originally ported to read a 255 character open file limit which is common practice, however, a lot of modifications were going way over this limit resulting in the application to either crash or not function correctly."
The patch can be found tomorrow over at Mac Game Files, and several popular Battlefield 1942 mods, such as Desert Combat Final, can be found at the Macologist website.

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Archives  News  Battlefield 1942 Patch to be Released Thursday