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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Arcade Engine Released For Runtime Revolution
7:25 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Runtime Revolution and Malte Brill of DerBrill has released Arcade Engine, an add on for the Revolution development software. Arcade Engine simplifies advanced collision detection and complex motion paths, making the creation of games and animated multimedia applications a less painful process.

Here are a few of its features:

Movement any-which-way you want it:
ArcadeEngine offers you functions and handlers to move objects, exactly as you desire. Create:

Linear movement
Polygonal movement
Circular movement
Elliptical movement

Precision control
Start and stop the action at any time under scripted control.

Simultaneously move different controls at different speeds for sophisticated "parallax"-style movements.

Increase or decrease object speed

Control any aspect of object movement e.g. the centre point of a circular path

You can move your objects on complex paths, and even move existing motion paths along secondary paths!

Change the path at anytime under scripted control

Revolution is a multi platform development tool designed to help developers create software for a variety of platforms without having to rewrite the software each time. it was recently updated to version 2.6 in June to make it compatible with Tiger and make use of some of the OS's new features.

For more information about Revolution and Arcade Engine check out Runtime Revolution's site at the links below.

Runtime Revolution
Arcade Engine Site
Arcade Engine 1.0

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Archives  News  Arcade Engine Released For Runtime Revolution