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Monday, July 18, 2005
ControllerMate v3.0 Now Available
8:02 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

Orderbytes LLC has updated their ControllerMate utility program. ControllerMate allows you to use joysticks, gamepads, trackballs, and other gaming devices to perform keyboard and mouse actions. It uses a graphic interface and drag-and-drop function to program complex keyboard sequences with ease.

ControllerMate v3 includes a number of additions and improvements. The additions include:

Added mouse control building blocks. ControllerMate actions may now position the cursor on the screen and create simulated mouse clicks and scroll wheel events.
Added basic combinational logic building blocks. Elaborate button combinations are now possible by using blocks which represent AND, NOT, OR, and XOR logic functions.
Added a Value Selector building block. A Value Selector is similar in function to a Range block, but it is a more natural match for hatswitch building blocks.
Added a Safety building block. Since it is now possible to use ControllerMate to create elaborate repeating mouse and keyboard actions, it is becoming easier to create an inadertent situation where the actual mouse and keyboard may be overwhelmed by ControllerMate's programming. The Safety block allows the user to setup a particular controller button (or button combination) which will stop all ControllerMate output.
Added a Finder Item building block. ControllerMate can now be used to instruct the Finder to open a particular item. Although any item can be specified, the most useful items are probably Automator workflows and AppleScript scripts.

Improvements in version 3 include:

Added power and screen brightness keys to the Keystrokes Palette window.
Added an indicator on axis, button, and hatswitch building blocks which shows the current state of that block's modifiers.
Normally, the ControllerMate Helper application runs in the background to handle controller events when the ControllerMate application is not running. A preference item has been added to disable this behavior and require the ControllerMate application to be running in order to handle controller events.
When a group is selected in the main editor window, previews of the pages that are contained in that group are shown in the workspace area.
Building blocks on disabled pages will now update their values when controller buttons are presesd, but will still not produce any sort of output. This is useful for debugging the logic of complex actions, without having to deal with the output that ControllerMate would normally produce.

The download weighs in at 3.3mb and since the utility is shareware, it costs$10. To learn more about ControllerMate or to give it a try, follow the links below.

OrderedBytes LLC
MGF: Download ControllerMate v3.0

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Archives  News  ControllerMate v3.0 Now Available