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Monday, July 18, 2005

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Lionhead Interviewed On Black & White 2
7:49 AM | Tony Jones | Comment on this story

Computer And Video Games interviewed Lionhead Studios today on their new game titled Black & White 2. Black & White took the genre of RTS to a new level when it allowed players to choose to raise their minions in a peaceful era, or torture them under a cruel reign. Black & White 2 promises all that and more.

Here’s what you can expect:

“Can you tell us a bit about your aim and ambitions for B&W2?

Peter Molyneux: Well the ambition has always been to create a game that anybody can play and you can play it in a nurturing role looking after your people and your creature. You can be all cute and fluffy and build your people, cities and playgrounds and gardens. It's a very female, nurturing growing thing. Or you can create [censored] great armies and go and destroy the entire earth. Combining those two things together makes a very new and interesting game. We've had the whole studio play and if you're female it's a very nurturing experience. If you're a guy, it's much more about going out to destroy!

So the clue's pretty much in the title? But how does the back story tie it all together?

Peter Molyneux: We wanted to give the player absolute power to go and do anything they want. So we put them in a story and the story is your Greek people are about to be wiped out by these all powerful Aztecs. As their god, you've got to take your Greek people back to controlling the world through either evil warmongering or peaceful means. You can build the most wonderful spectacular cities, or the most awesome powerful armies. That's the concept, you go through the story and you play all these different lands in any way you want to play them.

How it's changed from the original B&W - especially in the last year?
Peter Molyneux: What we did about a year ago - and obviously Ron's [Ron Millar, lead designer] got huge experience in RTS games - is create a blend between an RTS game and a god game and bring them both together. It's a lot funkier than B&W 1, which didn't have any RTS elements in it at all. B&W didn't really have any city building or the migration of peoples. It might seem like it's quite a lot the same, but there's a huge amount more mechanics blended together in B&W2.”

For the full interview checkout and expect to see Black & White 2 hit the shelves sometime this year for the PC. No word yet on a Mac version, but Feral recently announced a new relationship with Lionhead to bring more of their games to the Mac. For more information on Black & White 2 check out the links below.

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Black & White 2

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