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Friday, July 15, 2005

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Red Orchestra, Summer Offensive Map Pack Coming Soon
12:53 PM | Tony Jones | Comment on this story

Red Orchestra, a WW2 conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004, will be releasing its Summer Offensive Map Pack soon. The map pack will include seven new maps from the Summer Offensive Mapping Contest and will promise a new perspective of vehicular combat in Red Orchestra.

A few other features will be implemented as well:

Tank combat from point blank to extreme range (Binoculars will now become a vital tool)
A Fully functional German parachute Assault
Captured Russian Panthers
Entirely new Combined Arms experiences
Terrain and obstacles allowing for realistic battlefield tactics and maneuvering
A wide variety of terrain and weather conditions, ranging from wide open spaces, to narrow streets blanketed in clinging fog, and from bright sunshine to night combat.
A huge new proof-of-concept map, redefining what the word "big" means
Immersion like never before

The most important additions are the 7 new maps:

Arad - Mid-Summer, 1944
Soviet Armor skirmishes with German and Hungarian Forces in preparation for assaults upon Debrecen and Oradea.

Iron Annie - June 27th, 1941
In the East, German forces encircle several Soviet divisions near Minsk with the assistance of German Fallschirmjager.

Karpezos Move June 24th, 1941.
Just 2 days after German forces cross into Russia. Russian resistance is weak at best and the German Blitzkrieg is moving quickly across the Ukraine.

Korsun Airfield - February 17th, 1944
As more than 50,000 Germans attempt a desperate breakout on foot from the small town of Korsun deep in the Cherkassy-Korsun Pocket, a few brave German soldiers stay behind to delay the Russian advance at Korsun's Airfield.

Ogledow - August 11th, 1944
German 16th. Pz.Div. and 501st Heavy Tank Battalion have launched an attack onto the Russian Lines around the Village of Ogledow

An accurate scale version of the first German assault onto the Crimean peninsula built from maps and satellite images of the area.

Rueckzug - January, 1945
German tank crews are racing back to the Oder river to regroup. Preventing their escape, however, are large numbers of well armed Soviet armored divisions along with hosts of anti-tank teams.

Look for the map pack to be released sometime in the near future. For now check out the official Red Orchestra website for more details on the upcoming maps.

Red Orchestra

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