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Monday, July 11, 2005
Audio Overload Updated
8:06 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story

Audio Overload, a video game music player, has been updated to v2.0b6. The update has various changes including a complete overhaul of the .nsf, .gbs, and .sndh engines.

In partial celebration for my twenty fifth birthday, Audio Overload has been updated to 2.0b6. Here are the changes:

Completely replaced the .NSF, .GBS, and .SNDH engines with substantially better-sounding and more-compatible versions. Big thanks to Shay Green (.NSF and .GBS, based on Game Music Box) and Benjamin Gerard (.SNDH based on the upcoming SC68 v2.3.0) for allowing us to use their code!
CAB archive support. This is popular in Japan and many Japanese formats are commonly found in these containers.
Fixed MOD note delay and note cut behavior.
Added support for the S3M note cut effect.

To read the full list of changes, head down to the links section.

Update Post
Audio Overload
Update Download

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