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Wednesday, July 6, 2005
Life Inside a MMORPG Sweatshop
9:58 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story has posted an article on the MMORPG gold farming industry. The article interviews a few of the major players in the industry and describes the conditions inside a gold "sweatshop."

The people in these pics taken at one virtual sweatshop make as little as 56 cents an hourHow does it work? The macros for World of WarCraft, for example, control a high-level hunter and cleric. The hunter kills while the cleric automatically heals. Once they are fully loaded with gold and items, the "farmer" who's monitoring their progress manually controls them out of the dungeon to go sell their goods. These automated agents are then returned to the dungeons to do their thing again. Sack's typical 12-hour sessions can earn his employers as much as $60,000 per month while he walks away with a measly $150.
If you want to know the ins and outs of the gold farming business, just head through the link below.

Gold Sweatshop Article

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