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Friday, June 17, 2005
Physics Card AGEIA Q&A
9:17 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story

Gamingnexus.com has posted an interview with AGEIA developer Andy Keane. AGEIA is an upcoming dedicated physics card that will be initially released for the PC. The interview covers the various AGEIA products that will be released, what platforms support it, how it compares to the current physics technology, and whether its price will be too high.

GamingNexus: First off can you talk about what products AGEIA is developing?

Andy Keane: AGEIA is developing the PhysX technology. This technology includes the PhysX processor, its supporting driver software and the PhysX software (NovodeX). This processor is expected to be available in PC add-in cards by Christmas 2005.

GamingNexus: Which platforms will the NovodeX engine support? Will you eventually support the Nintendo Revolution or not?

Andy Keane: We have announced NovodeX support for Xbox 360, Sony Playstation3 and the PC. Nothing to date has been announced for Nintendo Revolution.

While nothing has been announced for the Macintosh yet, there is a high possibility of the new physics technology being produced for the Macintosh.

To view the complete Q&A, visit the links section.

AGEIA Homepage

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