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Monday, June 13, 2005
Macologist Celebrates 1 Year
9:57 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Macintosh gaming site Macologist is celebrating one year of operation. For the past year, Macologist has served as the hub for conversions and modifications for Mac versions of games such as UT2004, C&C Generals, and Homeworld 2.

One year ago today, this site was launched with co-founder ScvWebFire, and we simply wanted to give a place where Mac gamers could download some mods, never dreaming we'd expand to regular news, features, and reviews. Macologist has rapidly evolved into the primary meeting area for what had previously been a constellation of isolated "Mac mod experts" for a variety of different games. I'd like to take personally thank all of our wonderful staff, whose extraordinary enthusiasm and dedication to Macologist is the real reason this site has exceeded all expectations and moved in new directions.
With the anniversary comes a new logo for the website, and the announcement of over 30 new download additions to the site. Head over to Macologist's website to check out the cool new logo and the new downloads.

Macologist Celebrates One Year: New Downloads, Site Logo

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