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Friday, June 10, 2005

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New Mac Neverwinter Beta Patch
10:11 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story

Bioware has released another beta patch for Neverwinter Nights. It addresses severals bugs and changes the scripts for a few NPCs. Do not use the patched toolset without patching your game, however. You will be unable to use the non-updated game with an updated toolset.

Official Campaign: Chapter 2E - Made Voleron's OnDeath script a bit more robust.

HotU: Chapter 2 - Fixed an issue that could sometimes occur during the battle in the Environs near the end of Chapter 2. You should no longer get stuck and be unable to move if the Battle Herald does not approach you and initiate a conversation with you (this fix will retroactively fix saved games exhibiting this issue, but only if you load a saved game from before you entered the Environs).

Added a new command line parameter for automatically loading a module in single player. This will cause the module to be loaded and takes the player to the premade character select screen.

+LoadNewModule "module name that needs quotes if it contains spaces"
To take a look at the four pages of changes, scroll your way to the links section.

Beta Patch Notes
Neverwinter Nights
Beta Patch Download
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