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Thursday, June 9, 2005

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Gordon Talks America's Army, Intel Move
8:27 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

After a period of downtime, Mac game porter Ryan Gordon has updated his .plan file with news of a new version of America's Army as well as more thoughts on Apple's move to Intel processors.

On the free shooter called America's Army, Gordon notes that version 2.4.0 is in testing for Linux right now, with a Mac version following shortly. Unfortunately for those who have already downloaded the current 2.3.0 version, this one will not be able to be a patch due to the extreme nature of the changes to the dependent data files. Gordon does promise future updates to the 2.4.x codebase will be released as patches:

The next version after 2.4.0 will have
a patch from 2.4.0, for what that's worth. In the meantime, start making
friends with people that own both cable modem and a DVD burner. :)
At the end of his update, Gordon also gives a new perspective to Apple's Intel move than was originally posted the day-of by IMG. He shares concerns already expressed by others of how the ability to dual-boot into Windows could hurt the Mac games business. Here's more from this post:
The funny-sad thing about the Intel switch, especially if dual-booting Windows is made to work, is that Mac gaming has officially starting rowing same boat as Linux gaming. I've been hearing the "dual-booting is Linux gaming" rants, and the "Wine is killing Linux gaming" rants the "Linux users will buy Windows games and not support Linux" rants for five years. Welcome to my world.
For the full scoop, head over and read through his .plan now.

Ryan Gordon .plan
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Archives  News  Gordon Talks America's Army, Intel Move