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Tuesday, October 10, 2000

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4x4 Evolution Is Gold
9:40 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

MacNN broke the news and Blues' News has confirmed that Terminal Reality's SUV racing sim 4x4 Evolution has 'gone gold', adding to the veritable flood of titles coming to Mac store shelves soon. This off-road racer has been a smash among the Mac community already, as its public beta was downloaded 26,723 times (at last count) from Macgamefiles. Note that neither source confirms that the Mac OS version of the game has gone gold, but as a simultaneous release for Mac, PC and Sega Dreamcast is expected this is a safe assumption.

Terminal Reality has also launched the game's official web site, accessible at the link below. The site uses Flash, and doesn't seem to like the Mac version of Internet Explorer very well, but has tons of information on the trucks, tracks and features you can expect from this unique cross-platform racer. Here is the news from Blues:

Word from Gathering of Developers is that 4x4 Evolution, the off-road racing game, has gone gold. To celebrate the occasion, the official site has gone live, though it seems the DNS entry hasn't completely propagated, as the page still brings up an error here.
Excellent news for Mac gamers and racing fans everywhere. Expect this game on shelves in two to three weeks from Gathering of Developers. If there is one color that is dominating the Mac gaming scene this Fall, it is gold! If you haven't grabbed the public beta of this game yet, be sure and grab it fast, as TR may take it down very soon.

4x4 Evolution Public Beta 2
4x4 Evolution Web Site
Blue's News
Terminal Reality
Gathering of Developers
4x4 Evolution

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