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Tuesday, October 10, 2000
Rocket Arena UT Status Update
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As was predicted with the latest Unreal Tournament 432 patch from Epic, some modifications available for the title have been broken by the update. One of the most prominent mods that fail to work is Rocket Arena, a popular mod and map pack which allows arena-style combat between solo or team players. A recent update to the official RA:UT site notes that not only does the Windows-only patch break the mod, the upcoming Rocket Arena update to fix this problem will unfortunately break compatibility with older versions of the mod. Here's an excerpt from the site's update:

Well, I have recently found out that RA:UT has problems with the latest patch for UT, version 432. And so, you can expect a new version of RA:UT (1.50) to be coming out soon, which includes the fix for UT 432 along with a host of other bug fixes.

Due to all of these changes. (both in code and in maps,) this version will be network-incompatible with the previous versions of RA:UT. This means that everyone will need to upgrade in order to make this transition smooth and problem-free. In addition, because of the map revisions that were made, the patch to this version of RA:UT will not be small like the previous RA:UT patches. This next version of RA:UT will contain two new maps, and three or four updated maps, causing the patch size to bloat much larger.

In other news, thank you for all of your emails to become beta testers. Sorry for never replying to all of you individually, but you will be getting email soon about what is going on. I plan to let the beta testers have a few days beta-testing this latest version of RA:UT, and then letting it out to the world. This release should be the most bug-free one yet, because of all the bug reports I've already gotten from Infogrames in testing for the Game of the Year Edition of UT, and because of the bug reports from our beta team that should catch any bugs that slipped through the cracks.

If you missed it, we reported yesterday that Westlake's Mark Adams already has the code for UT 432 and hopes to have a Mac version of the patch and some improvements to the OpenGL code out soon. We'll let you know once either Rocket Arena or the UT patch is available. If you haven't already tried the current version of the Rocket Arena, head to Macgamefiles and give it a download.

IMG News: Mark Adams on Unreal Tournament Patch
Rocket Arena 1.42
UT Rocket Arena Web Site

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