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Friday, May 6, 2005

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Blizzard Releases WoW Honor System FAQ
7:24 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story

Due to the large outflow of questions about the Honor System, Blizzard has released a FAQ for the World of Warcraft
community site. The FAQ covers the most common complaints, and reveals exactly how "honor decay" works.

Q: Will I get credit for killing guards?

A: Based on player feedback we have decided to no longer award honorable kills for killing NPCs that are not racial leaders. This will prevent players from feeling as though they need to "grind" NPC kills for contribution points. This change will also help the honorable kill totals mean more than they otherwise would.

Q: What happens if I am fighting a player and that player runs away, then another player or group finds the player and kills him or her? Do I get any contribution points having damaged the player first?

A: No. Once a player leaves combat, any damage done by the first player is null and void. The next player or group who finds and kills the target gets the credit.

Q: How am I supposed to play the game when every where I go someone is waiting to gank me? The graveyard is nice, but I want to see the rest of the world too!

A: Once Battlegrounds are released the amount of player-vs-player conflicts found around the world will most likely decrease significantly. The same goes for ganking found in the contested zones around Azeroth. Fighting in the Battlegrounds will yeild far more contribution points than fighting anywhere else. With that said, players who chose to create characters on a PvP realm are supposed to feel a sense of danger where ever they go, that is why we offer player-vs-player realms!

To view the full FAQ, please follow the link below.

Honor System FAQ
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Archives  News  Blizzard Releases WoW Honor System FAQ