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Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Brad Oliver on Xcode vs. CodeWarrior
10:10 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

A recent entry in Brad Oliver's blog "The Brad Hole" takes a look at comparing Xcode and CodeWarrior. More specifically, the comparison takes into account that Xcode features distributed compiling that takes advantage of multiple CPUs and computers, while the venerable CodeWarrior does not.

Used in the comparison are both the debug and release versions of Knights of the Old Republic, and a spread of figures are generated using a variety of Macs, from G5s to an iBook G3. The end result:

Bottom-line, Xcode's distributed compiling option can beat CodeWarrior in release builds if you have a decent dual-CPU Mac sitting around to throw at things. Although I didn't do tests with the distributed compiler and the debug builds in Xcode, if the times hold fairly closely to the optimized builds, then you'll have to add more CPUs than I had available to approach CodeWarrior's performance. Most of our development turn-around is with the debug builds, and right now, CodeWarrior retains the edge.
As far as actual game performance goes, Oliver notes that it's a dead heat, with a rough 1-2 fps advantage for CodeWarrior. He also expects to test again using gcc 4.0/XCode 2.0, which accompany the recently released Tiger, but doesn't expect compile times to significantly improve.

The Brad Hole - Distributed compiling in Xcode 1.5

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Archives  News  Brad Oliver on Xcode vs. CodeWarrior