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Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Tim Willits Talks Quake IV
7:01 AM | Drew Pauley | Comment on this story

In the three and a half years since Quake IV was announced at QuakeCon 2001, few details have emerged about this highly anticipated sequel to 1997's Quake II. id Software is developing the storyline-focused FPS with Raven Software, using a tweaked version of idís own Doom III engine.

Recently the folks at IGN caught up with Tim Willits, Lead Designer at id Software, while he was supervising performances at a voiceover session for Quake IV in Los Angeles. One of the interesting topics covered in the interview concerns the shift in focus from the somewhat claustrophobic solo gameplay of the previous Quake and Doom games to more of a wide-ranging team-based experience:

Doom 3 was much more of a solitary experience where you were alone, whereas Quake 4 is much more of a war experience with buddies and additional forces around you. There are a number of outdoor environments, plenty of vehicles to fight in and around, and a definite mix of levels between indoor and outdoor levels. For instance, you may have to go inside a structure to perform a task, then return outside to be retrieved. Thanks to Raven's level design, there are a number of indoor levels that are so detailed they make Doom 3's graphics look plain.
While a Mac version of Quake IV has yet to be announced, the popularity of the previous games in the franchise, as well as Aspyrís recent release of Doom III, make the chances of seeing this highly anticipated sequel on your favorite platform a fairly good bet.

To read the rest of the interview, follow the link below.

IGN Quake IV Feature
id Software

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Archives  News  Tim Willits Talks Quake IV