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Monday, May 2, 2005

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Classic Domination for UT2004 Updated
8:19 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Macologist has noted a recent update to the Classic Domination mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Bumped up to version 2.0.9, the mod allows UT2004 players to experience Domination as it was played in the original UT, complete with classic maps and unlimited use of the translocator.

The new version adds the Condemned map as well as support for Double Domination maps and a few other additions:

This upgrade of Classic Domination includes new support for Double Domination maps, by default list Classic Domination internet servers in the Double Domination servers list. Fixed the bugs and yeilds better performance then the prior version of Classic Domination. The BotAI has had a major overhaul.
Those interested in the mod can download it directly from its official site. The file is in zip format and is sized at 138MB. Macologist notes that they may provide a Mac installer sometime in the future.

Classic Domination 2 for UT2004
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Archives  News  Classic Domination for UT2004 Updated