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Monday, October 9, 2000
New realMyst Trailer, Information
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The excellent Cyan fan site run by Jim Stephenson has been updated recently with a number of items related to the company's upcoming products. One of these products in development is realMyst, a recreation of the original Myst using a real-time 3D engine (such as those featured in Quake or Unreal) as opposed to the pre-rendered, static scenes used in the original. Early screen shots from the game look quite amazing, and a new trailer has just become available which shows these detailed scenes in motion. This trailer was apparently shown at the E3 expo last Spring, but has since been edited and spruced up a bit for fans. It is available at two other Myst fan sites as well, so be sure to give the 5MB movie a download -- your eyes will thank you.

In other realMyst news, it looks like the game could be available as early as next month. Here's a clip from Stephenson's news section:

Cyan has been busy debugging the PC version of realMyst and sending "golden master candidates" to Mattel for testing. Once it's approved, it goes golden master and Mattel can send it to the duplicators. This week a source at Mattel told me they hope to release the PC version in early November (but keep in mind that release dates often slip).

Cyan is still finishing up the Mac version, but hopes to release it as close to the PC version as they can.

This is great news, and we'll see if we can pin down any more specifics regarding the status of the Mac version. For now, check out the trailer and look for the official realMyst site to be posted very soon.

realMyst Trailer at Myst Haven
Riven Fan Site

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