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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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GraphSim Announces Falcon 4 Allied Force
11:10 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Falcon 4, the flight sim that just plain refuses to quit, is adding new chapters to its long and tumultuous history. A group of developers under the name Lead Pursuit have begun developing a sequel, to be published by Graphic Simulations.

The good news is that the new version will incorporate the work that has been done (either legitimately or otherwise) on Falcon 4 ever since the source code was leaked, as well as new features not yet seen in any of the various Falcon 4 modifications. GraphSim boasts better graphics, better AI, better ATC, and other improvements over the original Falcon 4.

The bad news is no Mac version has yet been announced. Westlake Interactive traditionally held the rights to produce a Mac version, but this contract has since expired. It is unusual that Atari, who in the past has been highly protective and stagnant about the rights to the Falcon 4 code (for PC), was willing to sign development and distribution rights over to other companies, and whether or not a Mac version is a possibility in this arrangement remains to be seen. It is likely that, if it were to happen, GraphSim would have to port the game to Mac all over again, without being allowed access to Westlake's work.

If you hadn't guessed by now, Falcon 4's history on both the Mac and the PC has been long dramatic. With flashy beginnings at Microprose and a problematic but lovable port by Westlake, Falcon 4's future seemed secured. THe source code's acquisition by Atari ended active Falcon 4 development for the PC and the contract for Mac development lapsed, preventing Westlake from doing any more work. A leak of the PC code allowed development of the PC game to continue under the radar, until Atari put a halt to the underground, with the exception of a few programmers who were allowed to continue modifying the source code.

Falcon 4 is the current benchmark of realistic combat flight simulation, putting the player at the controls of an F-16 Fighting Falcon in a fictional war in Korea. By offering unprecedented realism, battlefield immersion, and seemingly endless replayability, Falcon 4 has become a favorite of many Mac and PC combat flight simulation afficiandos.

Falcon 4 Allied Force
Lead Pursuit

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