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Friday, October 6, 2000

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Temporary Baldur's Gate Patch Available
5:12 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

GraphSim has made available a temporary patch for owners of Baldur's Gate. Before you install the new patch, keep in mind that this patch introduces several new bugs into the game. "Amy" at GraphSim has told fan site, MacBaldur, that a new patch will be available early next week. Here are the bugs that were addressed in the temporary patch:

  • "Larloch's Minor Drain" crash is fixed.

  • "Burning Wizard" crash is fixed.

  • Baldur now places correct modification dates on files copied into its disk cache. Previously the dates were four years in the future.

  • The "can't control created creatures" bug is fixed.

  • Some option settings weren't saved if the user quit via the Macintosh File / Quit menu choice instead of the in-game buttons.

  • The "character voice" problem is fixed. Both PC games and old Mac Baldur games can be loaded correctly now. Newly saved Mac Baldur games are now completely compatible with the PC version.

  • Baldur speed: 'Maximum Frame Rate' setting is now effective all the way up to 60 for increasing the walking speed of characters. (Previously it did have an effect, but only between 0 and the default of 20, so it appeared to be impossible to speed up walking.)
  • Remember to back up your save game files before applying the patch. The new version saves files in a format that is compatible with PCs and will not work with older versions of Baldur's Gate.

    GraphSim's website has not been updated with this information.

    Baldur's Gate 1.02 (2 MB)
    Baldur's Gate

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    Archives  News  Temporary Baldur's Gate Patch Available