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Monday, June 26, 2000
The Mill Grinds On
6:00 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

After last Monday's announcement of Bungie software being acquired by Microsoft, 'Frigidman,' creator of The Mill, announced that he would be taking it offline. Reportedly he did it half as an act of protest, and and simply because he was tired of the maintenence and upkeep. Luckily for all those starving for Myth and Myth II plugins, The Mill may very well return in a different form. Here's the official word from the web page:

The Mill was previously shut off due to various reasons which most everyone knows about by now. However with a gleam of hope in respect of the innocent myth community, the ray of sunshine has come through for them. The Mill will once again be back in running, however we regret not by the previously faithful Frigidman. Also, the site will most likely not be under the same URL as before. Check back later, for the site needs to mold itself into its new environment.
The Mill was always the single best source for Myth maps and plugins, hopefully we'll be seeing it return very soon!

The Mill Web Site

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