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Monday, April 25, 2005
Lego Star Wars Interview Released
10:29 AM | Franklin Pride | Comment on this story

Gamersinfo.net has released an interview of Jonathan Smith, the development director for Lego Star Wars. The interview features questions such as

GamersInfo.net: Did Lego have any say in how these new models were designed, both in terms of style and the bricks used, or were you only limited by your imagination?

Jonathan Smith: We were lucky enough to have fantastic support from the LEGO play materials design team, right from the start. We were eager to get their views on the work we were doing. And they were delighted with it all! They really appreciated what we were doing. In terms of our designs - yes, we had complete freedom; but of course we all aspired to create new models which would sit naturally alongside the "real" LEGO sets and characters.

GamersInfo.net: Episode 3 makes up approximately a third of this game, yet the film is obviously not yet released. How much access did you have to film footage and the screenplay when designing the levels and story for the Episode 3 portion of the game?

Jonathan Smith: We were privileged to have the most fantastic support from within the entire Lucasfilm organization. We worked initially from the visual script, with access to animatics and scenes as they were created; and we were particularly thrilled to view a full run-through of the entire movie, in production, at ILM, last year.

To view the rest of the interview, visit Gamersinfo.net through our links section.

Lego Star Wars Interview

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