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Monday, April 25, 2005

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Postmortem on Myst IV: Revelation
7:48 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Game developer's site Gamasutra has posted a postmortem for the latest game in the Myst series, Myst IV: Revelation. For those unaware, a "postmortem" is a round up of the things that happened during the production of a game. They cover what went right and what went wrong with the making of the popular title.

The postmortem for Myst IV is interesting in that it uses multiple members of the production team and combines their points of view on different areas of the game production process.

According to the team, one of the things that "went right" was making the game cross-platform:

The first Myst was a Mac game and the fan base community was really dedicated to both the PC and Mac version. For this reason we decided to keep the same hybrid format that was used in Myst III. The OSX port was planned early in the project, and therefore the engineers developed the win32 engine with cross-platform in mind, which helped a lot for Macintosh version. Overall, the OSX port of Myst IV: Revelation went very well and took about six months to achieve. Once we made in-house tools to optimize the work-flow, the port went very quickly, and after only one month we were able to present an E3 demo. The hardest part was to have a good frame rate and make the effects work fine on the minimum requirement configuration. Through all of this, Apple gave us a tremendous amount of support. We used CodeWarrior as a compiler because we already used this compiler for other projects, but in retrospect, maybe we should have used the Xcode tools provided by Apple so as to be able to fully use their performance-oriented tools. - Eric Thiffeault, Mac Programmer
Head over to Gamasutra to read through the rest of the postmortem, and then head over to the IMG store to order the game!

Postmortem: Myst IV - Revelation
Myst IV Revelation
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