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Monday, April 25, 2005
Aspyr's Glenda Adams Interviewed
7:48 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Macologist has posted an interview with Glenda Adams, well known to Mac gamers as the Director of Development for Aspyr Media. The interview covers topics from Doom 3 to mod compatibilities with Aspyr titles, to the new Ageia Physics Processor, which Aspyr is listed as a "Featured Partner".

Glenda had this to say when asked on what system configurations Aspyr focused on when optimizing Doom 3:

We concentrated most of our benchmarking on low and mid-range machines. Since the majority of our end users would be playing on iMac G5's and lower end G5 desktops, we felt it was more important to gain spend on the low end than concentrate on getting a 45fps machine to run 60fps. It looks great in the benchmark shoot outs, but that doesn't help the end user trying to play on a 64mb FX5200. And the optimizations at the high end often don't translate to much performance gain on the low end.
Head over to Macologist to read the rest of the interview.

Interview with Aspyr's Glenda Adams
Aspyr Media

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Archives  News  Aspyr's Glenda Adams Interviewed