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Monday, April 25, 2005

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WoW Sparks Debate and Anticipation
7:48 AM | Jesse Brauning | Comment on this story

The World of Warcraft forums have been buzzing with activity since the release of the patch that added the Honor System. Many players feel that lack of dishonor penalties in the current design of the Honor System does nothing but encourage the practice of griefing. Others complain about the recent lag caused by the increase in activity in popular PvP zones. Still others love everything that Blizzard is doing with the game.

Pretty much everyone is highly anticipating the next patch however, as Blizzard is releasing multiple battlegrounds and adding limited dishonor penalties, amid a host of other fixes. Here's some of the buzz from Blizzard:

...Battlegrounds will be ready for release next patch! Yes, that's right, I said next patch, and yes, I said Battlegrounds...plural! The implementation of Battlegrounds will draw players away from towns and into instanced environments designed for either small-scale or epic battles...
Make sure to check out the forums for a chance to get in on the action!

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Archives  News  WoW Sparks Debate and Anticipation