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Aspyr Unveils New Stubbs Site, Trailer Added
12:51 PM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

Aspyr Media have unveiled a new website for their upcoming zombie game, Stubbs the Zombie. The new site has a 50s retro-style in keeping with the game's setting. Along with the update comes several new sections. They include a news section along with a gallery and community area. Within the gallery area Aspyr have posted a trailer for the game as well as the nine previously released in-game videos. The community area includes links to Wideload fansites and three full size desktop images as well as four IM icons.

Here's a snippet from the new website.

Admit it: you've killed a lot of zombies in your time. You've blasted them, bludgeoned them, blowtorched them and blown them to pieces. "And what of it?" you ask. "I boil lobster alive and I don't feel bad about that either. They're just mindless zombies. Who cares?"
To find the answer to that pressing question, follow the link to the Stubbs homepage below.

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