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Tuesday, April 5, 2005
New Info on Next-Gen Unreal Tournament
9:09 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Beyond Unreal has managed to dig up some more information on the next iteration in the Unreal Tournament series. Currently code-named "Envy," this next-gen title looks to include a number of new features, game types, and other additions.

One of the points stressed by Epic is that they don't intend to make a "prettier UT2k4," but in fact are aiming to create a whole new game. To this end, they are correcting the steep learning curve found in previous UT titles and trying to create a tighter community integration. This includes the tweaking of in-game lobbies, where a player can state what type and map he wants to play, set it up, and get it running.

Bots are going to be given more personality, as well the ability to follow more complex voice commands.

  • Bots' personalities will make them better suited to certain tasks.
  • "So if you're doing a flag run, you can hear what's going on back at your base because guys are shouting to each other where the enemy's coming from and what they're doing to prevent it". - Steve Polge
  • Voice command will play a much larger role in UT "Envy".
  • "You'll be able to ask [the bots] questions about their status: 'Is there anybody down in the cavern?', 'No, cavern's all clear'. Or you could throw out warnings like, "There's a sniper on the tower. Go get the sniper.'" - Steve Polge
Also briefly touched upon is the new Conquest mode, which is said to be a replacement for Assault.

Some preliminary screenshots are also available at the Beyond Unreal article for those wishing to get a look at the current graphics state of Envy.

Beyond Unreal - More UT "Envy" Goodness
Epic Games

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