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Friday, April 1, 2005
MacWorld Poll: Mac Users Don't Game?
11:50 AM | Conrad Quilty-Harper | Comment on this story

In a recent Mac gaming poll on the subject of Mac gaming over at the MacWorld UK website, 57% of the responses were "I don't play games on my Mac." The 57% majority was made up of 1,279 voters of which comments on the state of Mac gaming included;

"The graphics performance on Macs is woeful when compared to equivalent PC's. They seem one or two years behind."
Of the people that admitted to using their Mac for gaming, just 15% said: "It's great" and 28% of people said Mac gaming "lacks oomph". In a forum thread dedicated to discussion of the poll people suggested getting a console and using it in tandem with their Mac. Others countered this suggestion by relating the Mac's gaming power with the GPU installed;
"It depends of what kind of graphics performance you're talking about, the kind that earns money or the kind that passes time."
Although this poll can only be used as a very general guide to readers of MacWorld UK, it portrays a niche gaming world within a niche computing platform. One reader wisely pointed out that the ratio of PCs used for gaming against work may not be as large as the Mac ratio;
"I wonder what percentage of Windows PCs are used for gaming. I bet it's even lower than the percentage of Macs."
To read the rundown of the poll results, follow the link below.

Macs 'no good for games'
MacWorld discussion: Mac Gaming

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