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Thursday, October 5, 2000
New MacMAME Released
5:51 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

The popular Mac emulator MacMAME has yet again been updated recently. There were a few bugs fixed, but author Brad Oliver points out it has been compiled with Codewarrior 6. So if you encounter any installation troubles please report them. Also, this version has been carbonized, useful for all thoses OS X beta users. Check the updates:

  • In sync with the DOS 0.37 beta 8 build. [Brad Oliver]
  • Added support for Cabinet Marquee artwork in the front-end. Place a file
    called "" into the 'Cabinet Marquees' folder. [Brad Oliver]
  • Expanded the number of screenshot packs supported. Valid zip package names
    are, images_0 through and images_a through [Brad
  • MacMAME is now built with CodeWarrior Pro 6. Please report any unusual
    issues as they might be compiler optimizer bugs. [Brad Oliver]
  • Many internal fixes for the Carbon target. The Carbon build runs under
    MacOS X, but much work remains before it's acceptable. [Raphael Nabet, Brad
  • Remember that though it runs under OS X, it's not a perfect version, and a lot of the work is still to be done to gain full compatability.

    Download MacMAME 0.37b8 (2.7MB)

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