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Thursday, October 5, 2000

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Red Faction Interview
5:59 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

GameSpy managed to track down Alan Lawrance of Volition to answer some questions on Red Faction. Volition's greatly-anticipated game will feature an impressive new physics engine called Geo-Mod. In this long interview, Lawrance reveals quite a lot of information about the game, especially on the AI, levels, animations and the Geo-Mod engine. Check out this clip:

GameSpy: How will the land, sea, and air vehicles be incorporated into the game? What purpose or functionality will they serve to the player?

Alan Lawrance: The player will be able to commandeer six vehicles throughout the course of the game. We have revealed four vehicles so far: an APC (armored personnel carrier), a submersible, a massive drilling vehicle, and a flying combat craft. All vehicles have their own 3D cockpits, unique weapons, and customized physics. Generally, the player will be able to use a vehicle for a limited amount of time, and then will resume the game on foot.

The vehicles will almost always be necessary for the player to use. The vehicles have much more firepower than the player, and offer protection. Certain vehicles have special abilities (like the drilling ability of the Driller vehicle) that will have to be used to proceed in the game.

As reported yesterday, the Mac version of Red Faction is a bit behind the PC but soon will catch up. The game will be released early next year.

Red Faction
GameSpy's Red Faction interview
Red Faction

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