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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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GameDaily Previews Stubbs The Zombie
9:34 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

More information on Stubbs the Zombie has been unearthed by GameDaily in the form of a quick preview. Currently in development by Aspyr and Wideload, Stubbs features a zombie who wakes up just a bit irritated due to the buildling of a giant city over his grave.

As reported before, Stubbs allows players to munch on the brains of human beings, which in turn zombifies his victims. As if that weren't enough, the level of gore reported by GameDaily seems to be considerable:

As Stubbs, you'll traverse the city taking on all sorts of human enemies and, because you have a yen for brain matter, you'll punch holes in the backs of their heads and basically tear them to pieces, and the blood and guts truly fly all over the place. Brain matter, limbs, and assorted gore fly every which way. It's truly a gruesome sight, but there's much more to the gameplay than bashing people's heads in and transforming them into zombies.
Other methods of mayhem include the tossing around of innards as well as the ability to control one's own disembodied hand.

The preview also discusses initial graphic and sound impressions, both of which seem to be favorable. Running on a modified Halo engine, the game's level of detail is said to be quite high.

Stubbs is currently in development for the Mac, PC, and Xbox.

GameDaily - Stubbs the Zombie Preview
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Stubbs the Zombie
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