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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Rainbow Six 4 Q&A
7:32 AM | Marcus Albers | Comment on this story

Shacknews has posted a question and answer article regarding the storyline behind the latest installment in the Rainbow Six franchise: Rainbow Six 4: Lockdown. The article talks about some of the changes in storyline direction from the previous installments of Rainbow Six, as well as the player's role in the game's story.

The article has this to say about the darker storyline:

The storyline immerses the player in the roles of Ding Chavez and Dieter Weber, two heroes with radically different personalities and objectives.  Ding is a charismatic and confident team leader, but there is nothing he won't do to protect the lives of his teammates.  Weber is an arrogant loner who watches the team through a scope, when he's protecting them from a distance.

The team isn't just rescuing random hostages in foreign countries this time.  They're fighting for their survival in the streets of Algeria, crawling through piles of human bones under the city of Paris, and avenging their fallen comrades in a battle atop a crumbling fortress, miles from civilization.

Though not officially announced for the Macintosh, previous installments of the popular Tom Clancy series have made it here. Head over to Shacknews' website to check out the full article, and stay with IMG for any new information on the Rainbow Six front.

Shacknews - Rainbow Six 4 Storyline Q&A

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